Vegan Realm

What is this website?

This website is a search engine we built to gather curated online vegan resources and information links all in one convenient place.

What can I find here?

At launch, Vegan Realm allows to search amongst thousands of vegan recipes. Try searching for your favourite ingredient to get those delicious recipes!

Like all search engines, this one will be a living being, receiving updates and improvements. We will be adding all kinds of vegan resources like health articles, vegan clothing and travel tips.

How can my own website be added to the results?

If you own a vegan website and you would like your pages to show up on the Vegan Realm results, contact us and we will be glad to look at it.

Who are you?

Hi guys, thanks for asking! We are Carl and Magalie, a vegan couple enjoying life in Quebec City. We are freelancers, Carl is a developer and Magalie is into software development and linguistics. We love to receive questions so do not hesitate to send us an email, either at or

Anything else cool that I should know?

This website is open source. Find the Vegan Realm API and the Vegan Realm client on GitHub. ✌️